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December 21 2017


October 27 2017

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im rlly whatever the opposite of a manic pixie dream girl is.,. depressed goblin nightmare man . thatsa me

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 there is so much strength in healing by lora mathis

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Colossus - Foreword


Colossus, to me, represents a temple and a monument. A massive space, bigger than human comprehension. As of late, I’ve found a fascination with things I don’t understand, whether it be the universe or my own brain. I wanted to try and make an album that dealt with themes of things I’ve never been able to wrap my head around, like the alienation I’ve felt as a queer person, the depression I can’t shake, and the lovers I wish I had but can’t let get close. Colossus was a way for me to explore those themes sonically, and try and express something I was never able to put into words. 

I had no electronic musical experience whatsoever, so armed with nothing but Garageband and a crappy little microphone, I essentially started from scratch in discovering both my sound as well as how to produce it. Recorded and produced entirely in my room and my closet, Colossus was conceived on June 21st, finished on October 6th, and born on October 27th. The process was an emotional and revealing experience, and taught me things about myself that I don’t think I ever would have learned otherwise. 

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me from the beginning, especially my mutuals on twitter who never fail to hype me up and kept me motivated to finish the biggest project I’ve ever completed to date. Thanks to Courtney for listening to everything I threw at you and being honest with me when something sounded like garbage, thanks to my parents for inspiring half of the album, and thanks to the church for ruining my life and inspiring the other half. Love y’all!

I’m gonna take my time to curate my next album, but Colossus is exactly what I wanted it to be. Unpolished, raw, chaotic, and purely me. I hope you all enjoy it, or at least find something in it you can use. Thanks for listening all, and I’ll see you all for the next album. 

Love, Hayden xxx

Colossus, my debut album, out now. Listen/Buy/Stream HERE.

Please go check out his album!!! I love this bitch more than I love myself. There’s a variety of styles on it so I’m sure you’ll find something you like. And share it if you do!!!!

October 19 2017

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The edge of the overgrown abandoned parking lot near a half-shut-down factory in North Carolina, taken in the middle of a foggy night by full moonlight and a yellow bleed from the active part of the factory complex, a few hundred yards away.

Print available here.

[Patreon] - [Facebook] - [The Kingston Lounge]

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Tuck Everlasting (2002)

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I *accidentally* bought new underwear today



getting random sharp pain in your organs is a lot like when your check engine light comes on in your car. you dont know what it means so you just ignore it and hope you dont blow up

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A POETIC OF FLUIDS: Gemma Ward by Paolo Roversi for Hermés Catalogue, S/S 2005

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